Most Flexible Pricing, Metering and Billing Engine.

Truemeter helps companies to easily deploy, iterate and automate usage based pricing and subscription pricing models, with infrastructure that works from scratch to scale. 

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What is Truemeter?

Single platform to develop, deploy and manage Usage-based pricing & subscription pricing.

  • Usage Based Pricing Deployment

    Easily Deploy Usage Based Pricing

    • Easily define single or multiple billing metrics. 
    • Attach metrics to pricing plans.
    • Select and define pricing- Flat or Volume Based 
    • Define Trials or feature usage limits.
  • Metering Engine

    Ingest Usage Data & Meter Usage

    • Attach Metric(s) in Pricing Plan. 
    • Define Metric Properties- Aggregator Type, Unit, Currency, and Pricing Slab (Flat or Volume based) 
    • Ingest Usage Data via API, Excel upload or manually through. 
    • Aggregate Usage and Price it with the Plan to generate the invoice. 
  • Subscription Pricing Model

    Create Subscription Pricing Model

    For your flat subscription customers, create subscription pricing plans. 

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    Generate Automated Invoices

    • Generate automated recurring invoices based on plan frequency. 
    • Integrate with payment gateway and change the status of invoices- Raised, Due, and Paid
    • Integrate with invoicing and accounting softwares to push invoices there.
  • Customer Plan Management

    Manage Customer Journey across Plans

    • Manage customer journey across plans and their corresponding stages- Trial, Active, Deactivated. 
      • Get the Billing and Usage Scorecard of each customer across all active, trial, and deactivated plans.
      • Manage all sub-accounts associated with the customer and their product usage. 
      • Manage all invoices generated across plans with their status. 
  • Revenue Management Dashboard

    Manage Revenue across all and individual Customers

    Manage revenue across all and individual customers with ease. 

  • Configure Notifications & Communications

    Automated Event based Communications

    • Create Instant & Scheduled Communication Events. 
    • Create Triggers based on activity across plans, products, customers,invoices, etc. 
    • Send automated communication across channels. 
  • Connect Payment Gateways

    Connect Payment Gateways and Collect Payments

    • Connect Payment Gateways- Razorpay, Stripe, Cashfree. 
    • Automatically send payment links with invoices. 
    • Collect payments and mark invoices paid and move plans across stages. 
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    Entitlements & Feature Gating

    • Package features into plan using unique feature sets. 
    • Automatically provision features into product without any coding effort. 
    • Gate Feature usage and usage limit. 

Why Use Truemeter?

Truemeter platform is super flexible to capture all your pricing usecases. 

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    Designed for Pricing Flexibility

    Truemeter platform is super flexible to capture all pricing use cases in B2B deals.

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    Supports many pricing structure

    The platform offers multiple pricing structures such as flat, volume based or tier based. 

  • Scalable Architecture
    Scalable Architecture

    The platform is scalable to ingest and process large volumes of data helping companies to easily scale with growth. 

  • Real time Usage & revenue
    Real-time Usage & Revenue

    The platform gives real time analytics on usage and revenue for all and individual accounts. 

  • Best Data Security practices
    Best Data Security practices

    Truemeter combines best data security practices in system architecture and internal processes to keep your data safe. 

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    Integrates with existing business tools

    Truemeter lets you easily integrate with Payment Gateways, accounting stack, CPQ and CRM tools. 

How Truemeter Works?

  • 1

    Create products

    In Product Page, you primarily do three things: 

    • Define Product. Define Product Features and its attributes. 
    • Define Billing Metric(s) associated with the products. 
    • Associate relevant tax templates with the product. 
    Truemeter Create Product Page
  • 2

    Create Pricing Models

    In Pricing Plan page, you do following things: 

    • Select combination of features 
    • Attach revenue model, usage based or subscription based. 
    • In Usage based pricing case, select billing metric, aggegator, currency, pricing structure and define pricing slab. 
    • Associate plan duration, Trial and usage limits. 
    Truemeter Create Pricing Plan Page
  • 3

    Attach Pricing Plans with Customers

    Next, you associate pricing plans with your customers. 

    Truemeter gives you the flexiblity to associate pricing plans with your customers and change pricing deals for individual customers. Additonally, the platform lets you add other charges, discounts, plan duration, trials, etc. 

    Attach Pricing Plans with Customers
  • 4

    Ingest Usage Data

    After plan is associated with a customer, you can ingest usage data using API, excel upload or manual entry. 

    Ingested usage data is aggegated by Truemeter platform and priced as per relevant customer pricing deal. 

    Usage Data Ingestion & Aggregation.
  • 5

    Generate Invoices

    Automated Recurring invoices are generated by the platfom. 

    Invoices List

The Best Pricing, Metering and Billing engine for your business

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